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Welcome to the Messy Mom blog!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

You might be wondering, why I choose this name for my blog? It’s not that I am proud to be messy or this phrase defines me. It’s because I wanted to be transparent. This blog isn’t about having all the answers, but hopefully, I do have a few. I would be talking about my journey for 15yrs of marriage and being a mom for the last 11yrs. Like most of us, I too juggle with the weekdays, and to be honest sometimes it gets pretty messy. I am so excited to start writing about tips, tricks, and advice on things of everyday life. We can all grow listening from a different perspective than from our own.

Whether you are planning, you are a new mom or an experienced mom, you will enjoy reading these upcoming adventures and some unexpected challenges you can expect to get out of the messy mom blog, and maybe, in the end, it may help you to clear some mess around you.

What I've learned from motherhood in these 11 years is that it can be scary, funny, beautiful, tiring, and yes quite messy at times. But I am grateful for every single bit of it. I enjoy the diversity that motherhood offers, and I have a wide range of friends to prove it.


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