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Planning for second child?

Updated: Apr 18

To have or not have second child. Here's what you need to know.

This article is dedicated to my friends those who keep on asking me .."Yaar!! should we plan for a second one? We are Lil confused." 🤔. So, MOMS here is the answer to all your queries you asked me on "Having or not having a second child".

Parenting is, to my understanding, a method of trial & error, just like life itself - the experiment is exceptional and every effort is praiseworthy. Similarly, every parent becomes a tad bit more experienced when they have their subsequent child. With every child, they may have opted for a few different styles of parenting. Generally observed, the older kid is getting much more punitive penalties than the younger ones. A major part of the younger child's life is spent hearing how they were lucky enough to escape the so-called atrocities of the parents.

PC: https://www.sittercity.com/parents/parenting-tips/toddler-discipline-techniques

It is solely a parent's decision. There are NO LAWS. Experience with the rearing of children, our own age, or is this advanced stage of our careers? Each factor contributes. Many people are reminded of the joy of growing up with their siblings while few may have missed this joy. I feel we are more relaxed with the second one....and can enjoy time with him more than the fussing around we did with the first child.

In my opinion, the second child is easier to handle, perhaps experience helps. To your first baby, he/she would be a sibling. It is a lovely relationship that you should give to your child. There are plenty of things that can't be shared with parents but can be shared with siblings. I feel we are more relaxed...and can enjoy time with him/her more than fussing around we did with the first child. The sibling interaction, rivalry & companionship they have between them is irreplaceable. It definitely cannot be substituted by friendships. The child will have future best friends and someone else he/she can speak to rather than his/her parents. Both the kids will unwittingly have an effect on each other - hopefully, positive influence. The first child can assist you with the other one.

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NO one ever regrets having another child, but it is very possible to regret NOT having another child. This is particularly true if you have always desired another child, but have never allocated enough time and effort or resources to ensure success. It should be taken into consideration before deciding if you want another child. In OUR case, a second child was necessary, in yours's it might not be. Actually, I don't have words to describe but the memories I have with two sisters, the bond I can see in both my kids that is precious.

On a side note - I've yet to meet someone who grew up a single child and didn't long for siblings.

Till then Eat healthily and stay fit.


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